Hello and welcome to Vintage IBM. Why Vintage IBM? Well a couple of reasons; I am a vintage programmmer I started out on, the IBM 7040 at Virginia Tech, (soon replaced by the IBM 360). Another reason was that I had perhaps the most fun in computing with the early IBM computers through and including the original IBM PC.

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  1. Hello there…

    My father was perhaps one of the first real computer programmers in the country. He worked at the Knowles Atomic Power Laboratory in Schenectady, NY, where he was presented with the first edition of the IBM FORTRAN Programmer’s Reference Manual (for the IBM 704) in October, 1956. This has been passed down to me, and I wonder — Do you happen to know of any collectors of this sort of vintage material? I can be emailed at danojohns@aol.com if you know anything that might be helpful.

    • I don’t off hand. I had someone ask me a similar question. He had a computer manual
      which had belonged to Turing, who had written his name in it. I suggested he donate it to
      one of the computer museums and take a tax deduction for the value of the donation.
      I assume the utility of doing so would depend on your tax situation. (Disclaimer
      this is not tax/legal advise, consult your tax advisor etc.)

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