NASA Shuts Down Last Mainframe

The beginning of the end for mainframes?

” … She noted that mainframes still have their place in computing where it does not matter if “end-user interfaces are clunky and somewhat inflexible,” when there is a need for a system that delivers “extremely reliable, secure transaction oriented business applications.” …,14695.html

I got my start on mainframes, punch cards, magnetic tape reels, magnetic core and all that. I learned to program in Fortan II on an IBM 7040 and soon after, started programming on the newish IBM 360s.
I hate to see them go but they are now a far cry from the “Big Iron” of that day.¬† Now the really Big Iron are the supercomputers with 19″ rack after 19″ rack in rows. Physically as big or bigger than any of the old mainframes.